SES (Statistician English Society)


     In STIS (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Statistic) has a lot of student’s activities organization. One of them is SES or you can called Statistician English Society. In this organization you will know everything especially in English. I dont know exactly when SES be made, but i believe this organization will give a good contribution to me. Knowledge i got in SES is when my senior give us motivation about our goal in SES. She said “SES can’t guarantee you to make you be an intellectual person in english or to be mastered in english, but SES just give you a way to reach your dreams”. From her quote i know how important English is in this era and i believe i can make SES rise up again since students in STIS are not interested in english anymore especially to join that organization. Now i am here, i hope i can make SES being exist again in STIS. Not only about that i hope i can give a good effect and influence all of my friends to remember them how important english is then.

Now i will explain to you all activities that SES be held, those are :

1. Sharing in English

        We have a time we have to share anything that we know especially by english. We hope by this activity we   can improve our english and have more new vocabulary by the other. This activity will be held when we dont have a special activity to do. If we have a game scrabble we will held scrabble. It means sharing in english just to fulfill our spare time.

2. Watching The Movies Without Subtitles

     In this activity, hopefully we have a good ability in listening by how good we understand the movie without subtitles. We will held this activitiy just one time a month. Or more.

3. Debate

       We also held debate to improve our skill in speaking n thinking comprehensive. Not only about that but we also get how to speak better with a good manner. From this activity hopefuly we able speak english with the other easily especially with a good manner.

4. Playing Bingo

5. Playing Scrabble

6. English Time (Studying more about English and TOEFL)
Always keep spirit 🙂

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