About Me

Hello guys, now i am here i wanna introduce myself. My name is Arnold Alfreddy Simbolon. I am studying in Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Statistik. Long time to check up this blog, I am so suprised that many of readers amazed about this blog. I think this blog just an ordinary i mean nothing special in this blog. Why? I dont know exactly, this blog i just shared my exprerience and my knowledgements  i got in my life. I hope with this blog you have an eager to be a better person. For more explanation you can add or follow me and give me messages to inform you that you know me from this blog thanks :

fb : lonelyclub89@yahoo.com

email : okundoredo@gmail.com

twitter : @arnoldkid

blog : arnold040993.wordpress.com & okundoredo.blogspot.com


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. arnold040993


  2. oh em jiii

    makasi banyak arnold udah bikin resume pelajaran

    setidaknya kalo lagi ulangan, gw bisa mampir ke blog lu lewat opera mini.


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  5. Nice to meet you… Its ‘almost fun’ blog. Do you like so much in Chemist and Biology?

  6. iin sakina


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